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Re: (simple) exim question

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On Saturday 05 Jul 2003 11:35 pm, Jos Elkink wrote:
> After a whole day of configuring Exim I'm right now at a loss as to what
> I'm looking for. I have all kinds of docs, so I just need help in where
> to look ... I have configured Exim so far that it can send mail locally,
> use different (virtual) domains, and that I can login externally using
> telnet over the smtp port to send mail. And I can send mail to outside
> domains. But if I use my regular yahoo account to send mail to my own
> server, it does not arrive, nor do I get any error message or entry in
> the logs. So apparently I'm forgetting something to set the server so
> that it can handle regular mail. Where should I be looking?

I assume you mean that mail from yahoo to your server is not arriving.  
Obviously the first question is what is the domain name you are sending to, 
whats the setting in exim.conf for that domain (what does your local_domains 
parameter in exim.conf say), and what does the MX record in the nameserver 
for that domain point at.

Once you can be sure mail is arriving at the exim smtp port (because of the 
above) its more a question of understanding your exim.conf file.  But given 
there is no record in your logs, I would suggest that the first question is, 
is the mail arriving at all.
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Alan Chandler
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