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Re: new debian box reboots itself?

Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> wrote:
JH> i'll teach you to turn away. wrote:
> 	ok, color me confused. my new machine (which is not primary yet)
> rebooted by itself tuesday morning around 3:50am. it was a software
JH> Was it a clean or an unclean reboot? If you have "reboot" in the lastlog,
JH> it was a clean reboot. That might be caused by something like watchdog,
JH> or something else that got it into its head to reboot the machine.

	well, i'm figuring it was clean because the machine came back up
on its own. my experience says that a box that went down for hardware or
EVIL software issues is not going to come back up to login by itself.

	but lastlog doesn't show anything about 'reboot', 'down' or
'crash'. it only shows ports & such. unless you're not talking about a
literal lastlog, in which case dmesg doesn't tell me ANYTHING except that
it came back up & went through its normal rigmarole.

JH> If it was an unclean reboot, you're left with the possibilties that
JH> either the kernel decided to reboot the system, or it just spontaneously
JH> reset itself due to a hardware issue. These will show up in the lastlog
JH> as "down", "crash" and the like.

	thanks for the response. any further suggestions? i'm happy to
dump any sort of log or information into this fine, fine newsgroup.


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