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new debian box reboots itself?

	ok, color me confused. my new machine (which is not primary yet)
rebooted by itself tuesday morning around 3:50am. it was a software
reboot, as it came back up cleanly by itself - i found it later that
afternoon sitting at the x login screen, when i always leave it logged in
at a commandline terminal. the box is running 3.0r1 & is not on any

	syslog tells me WHEN it rebooted, but not WHY. is there something
magical in new debian that makes the machine REBOOT by ITSELF? does anyone
have any idea what the hell happened?

	it certainly wasn't hardware, as the new box & my current primary
are plugged into the same UPS & there was no problem with this machine. i,
as always, weep for lost uptimes. thanks for any help.


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