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Newbie to spamassassin- How to make it learn?

Disgusted with the amount of spam received, I installed
Spamassassin2.54 and configured it, It works properly for the past one
month. I use fetchmail to receive mail and invoke sylpheed to read
them from /var/spool/ mail/ srikanth folder and the spam goes to
"caughtspam " file in my home directory .

Nowadays I see one or two mails slipping past spamassassin. I saw that
spamassassin can be trained. man pages did not reveal much. Since the
mails are read in sylpheed how to point it out to SA?
sa-learn command also does not work, it says command is not found.
Can any body give some pointers or some links where tutroials can be
Thanks in advance

N S Srikanth

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