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Re: Debian and S3 ProsavageDDR KM 266

A month ago I had debian stable (woody) installed on my XPC which has the ProSavageDDR (savage8) onboard with the via chipset. I used apt pinning to get the unstable XFree86 4.2 (seems like that's in testing now) package xserver-xfree86. I combined that with the savage driver debian package by Tim Roberts (http://www.probo.com/timr/savage40.html) and I was a pretty happy 2d X windows user.

According to Tim's site, there still isn't any DRI/OpenGL/Mesa support in the driver. Maybe us Via chipset purchasers can send enough email to Via to convince them there's a good market out there for 3d graphics on X. My only issue with this process was that XFree86 4.2 that was in unstable depended on a whole new glibc version, so the apt-get installed the new glibc and removed all of my development tools. X worked like a champ, there was no pain in configuring the savage driver, and it seemed that I could do 24 bit color at 1024x768 (and possibly higher, I didn't try.) I did have bios set to allocate 64MB of RAM to the ProSavageDDR chip.

Since then I've reinstalled from scratch to testing (Sarge) and am borrowing an ATI Radeon... Best of luck.

Jacob Anawalt

Rodney D. Myers wrote:

On Wed, 2 Jul 2003 10:55:14 -0500
Julian Hernandez <julianhernandez@geonet.com.co> wrote:

On Sun, Jun 22, 2003 at 04:04:00PM -0700, Rodney D. Myers wrote:
It 'should' work. My new motherboard has ProSavageDDR. I had to use
Knoppix, to get it identified, but it's working like a champ.

Can  you tell me what xfree86 driver work for you?

Thanks in advance.

Julián Hernández Gómez

As an added note. Installing debian proper, I could not get the display
using 24bits, but using 16bits.

Good luck

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