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Re: How to make the debian system shut down with power off?


* Kjetil Kjernsmo <kjetil.kjernsmo@astro.uio.no> [030703 08:12]:


> so it all looks good, doesn't it....?
> But it still doesn't do a real shutdown... :-(
> When it comes to "Power Down", all that happens is that the fan in the PSU
> stops, but that's it. The rest has power, even a CD playing from the CD
> drive using the through the soundcard will continue playing... All the
> other fans are still going. Untill I hit The Button... :-)
> I've actually had a piece about this in my /. journal for some time...:
> http://slashdot.org/~KjetilK/journal/12005
> (but it hasn't been sufficiently annoying for me to start annoying others
> with it... :-) ).
> Any ideas?

Hmm, does your machine by any chance have more than one processor?
If so, I think you need to add some other options to your append line
in /etc/lilo.conf. Something like append="apm=power-off". 


Debian testing/unstable
Linux twofish 2.4.21-looxt93c #1 Thu Jun 26 15:38:09 JST 2003

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