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Re: OT? www.donotcall.gov problem

> > And what relation does my email address have to my telephone #?  What
> > are they checking in my email that has any relation to my telephone?
> > (Yes, I use ppp to my ISP, but surely they can't query the ISP server
> > to find out which telephone I'm using to call the ISP, and surely it
> > should be possible to register if ones internet connection is entirely
> > independent of ones telephone service. ???)
> None.  They send you a confirmation request that contains a link that
> you must click on.  Sort of like some mailing lists use to confirm
> subscription.

however if you start getting 'vote for __' and 'donate to the ___ party' 
emails, you will have an idea where they got the list :-)

The state of innocence contains the germs of all future sin.
		-- Alexandre Arnoux, "Etudes et caprices"

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