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Re: new debian box reboots itself?

Maybe someone was playing a trick on your for leaving yourself logged in! (Not a very good practice)

Jake Johnson

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On Wed, 2 Jul 2003, i'll teach you to turn away. wrote:

> 	ok, color me confused. my new machine (which is not primary yet)
> rebooted by itself tuesday morning around 3:50am. it was a software
> reboot, as it came back up cleanly by itself - i found it later that
> afternoon sitting at the x login screen, when i always leave it logged in
> at a commandline terminal. the box is running 3.0r1 & is not on any
> network.
> 	syslog tells me WHEN it rebooted, but not WHY. is there something
> magical in new debian that makes the machine REBOOT by ITSELF? does anyone
> have any idea what the hell happened?
> 	it certainly wasn't hardware, as the new box & my current primary
> are plugged into the same UPS & there was no problem with this machine. i,
> as always, weep for lost uptimes. thanks for any help.
> lish
> crank@got.net
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