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Re: kernel-source-2.4.21 from unstable with woody

On Monday 30 June 2003 01:57 pm, Andre Berger wrote:
> I'm trying to compile a 2.4.21 kernel on my woody system. I apt-got
> -b kernel-source-2.4.21 and installed all resulting .deb files.
> However when I cd to the source directory
> /usr/src/kernel-source-2.4.21-2.4.21 and do "make-kpkg clean
> ; make-kpkg --config=menuconfig --initrd kernel_image modules_image",
> it doesn't compile because of a missing "dummy do_dep" (IIRC). Could
> anyone please give me a hint here?

I believe that the reply from Detelin Batchovski will work, but I'm 
wondering about your package...

I've not downloaded the kernel-source-2.4.21 deb, but your result sounds 
like you have the same thing as you would get if you downloaded the 
kernel-source...orig.tar.bz and patched it with the kernel-source patch.

With this, what you have is the source to create all the kernel debs 
themselves.. kernel-doc.. kernel-headers (I think), and the actual 
kernel-source deb that is to compile the kernel-image deb..

If you start with the original install that you have, and, in the top 
directory, issue the command "debian/rules binary" then you will get the 
"real" debian-source package that you can install to compile your 

It's my assumption that this would be the "correct" way to do it, but I do 
believe that Detelin's suggestion can be used to get the desired result 
more quickly.  I believe that your install already has a debian/ directory 
and it contains the rules file that will generate the further debs, not the 
kernel-image itself.

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