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Re: GRUB problem

On Tue, 1 Jul 2003 19:54:51 +1200
cr <cr@orcon.net.nz> wrote:

> Errrm, *I* didn't produce that line 
> kernel     /vmlinuz-2.2.20-idepci  root=/dev/hda1 ro
>  - grub-install did.
> In fact, if I read GRUB terminology aright, it's looking for 
> (hd0,0)/vmlinuz-2.2.20-idepci.
> Or, as Linux sees it,  /dev/hda/vmlinuz-2.2.20-idepci 
> aka   /boot/vmlinuz-2.2.20-idepci.
> And it's there, and also in 
> /boot/boot/vmlinuz-2.2.20-idepci
> (because I copied it there just to make sure).

In the kernel line of menu.lst (or at the grub command prompt), /<something>
means something in the root directory of the filesystem, not in /boot. If
you want the latter, specify it either as /boot/<something> or as

Since I can't see your system I've given up on figuring out what's wrong

Perhaps one way to fix it would be to purge and reinstall grub:

dpkg -P grub
<delete any remnants of grub you find in the filesystem>
apt-get install grub
grub-install /dev/hda
<edit menu.lst>

I've resorted to that in the past when I couldn't get grub to work. I had a
different problem that I never did figure out, but I finally fixed.


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