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caching for shfs, lufs

I'm trying to get at my (legal) mp3 collection on my home machine from
work. I do not want to run a web server on my home machine. Really, I'd
like to just mount my mp3 directory over ssh, which is where lufs and shfs
come in. I've compiled and installed the modules for both lufs and shfs,
and I can mount from my home machine with either one. The problem is

When I try to play an mp3 with xmms, I get pauses during the song. Using
lufs, I get two or three seconds of music with a half second pause in
between. With shfs, I get a second of music with maybe a tenth of a second
pause in between. I mucked with the shfs source to turn on its read cache
and increase the cache size, and I got stuttering music (very brief bits of
song with even briefer pauses).

Has anyone gotten either lufs or shfs to work well enough to play mp3s? I
know I have sufficient average bandwidth to play them, but I need the
filesystem to read ahead and cache while it's playing. Pauses between songs
is no problem, but pauses during the song make it worthless.


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