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Re: apt-get / sources.list

On Tue, July 01 at 10:56 AM EDT
thomas.gies@web.de wrote:

>I'm using testing and stable. Yesterday I had to install some packages
>from unstable.
>When I added the sourcelines for unstable and run an apt-get update the
>information about the packages was fetched, but when reading the
>packagelist, apt stoped with an error message saying, that it has not
>enough memory.
>After removing the sourcelines for stable, everything wend fine.
>It seems to be impossible to have sources for all three distributions.
>Are there any limitations that I schould know of. 

I was just looking at this yesterday, from:
	This is caused because apt's cache is too small to handle all of the
	packages that are included with stable, testing, and unstable.    This
	is also very easy to fix. Add the following line to   
	APT::Cache-Limit "8388608";
I guess you could try higher/lower numbers to suit your needs.

Shawn Lamson
Debian GNU/Linux 3.0
P.S. I am cc'ing you b/c the list is slow

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