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mozilla url tab autocomplete


I have been playing around with the different mozilla based browsers for linux and have found one thing that I would really love to know how to configure. When you start typing a url in the address bar in mozilla previous urls that match will show and you can simply press tab to select the one that you want and press enter. Galeon 1.2 used to be similar except that it worked more like autocomplete on the command line in that when you pressed tab it would just complete till it got to a difference and then you would enter another letter and press tab again to get it to complete which was really cool.
Now with epiphany and galeon 1.3 when I start typing in a url a list of urls appears but pressing tab doesn't autocomplete or let me select from the list of urls that appear. With mozilla-firebird pressing tab lets you select from the list that appears but when you press tab the cursor jumps to the front of the url which is quite annoying if I want to continue adding to the url string.

Can anyone point me to which setting in about:config or the config files that this behaviour is configured. I have looked but nothing seems to stand out as being associated with this behaviour.

Thanks for your help


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