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Re: cups... nothing prints

[20030629] Emma Jane Hogbin (emmajane@xtrinsic.com) wrote:

> Do you have the package "cupsys-bsd" installed? That was my problem. I
> could get a test page to print, but virtually nothing else. If I remember
> correctly CUPS and "lpr" are mutually exclusive. To enable the print
> functions from Mozilla (et al) you need to mimic (bad word, but the only
> one I can think of right now) lpr-ness...which you can do by installing
> cupsys-bsd.

Another way to print from mozilla is xprt :
$ apt-get install xprt-xprintorg  (on sid)

You still need cups for the spooling though.
It works like a charm here in a production environment, even
printing non-english chars & math symbols...

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