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Re: You must have Ncurses installed in order to use 'make menuconfig'

nori heikkinen <nori@sccs.swarthmore.edu> writes:

> on Wed, 25 Jun 2003 03:04:20PM -0500, Nathan Poznick insinuated:
>> Thus spake breno.moiana@partekforest.com:
>> > However, I *do* have libncurses5 installed, as well as every other
>> > packages which matched a search for ncurses on my dselect. My
>> > sources for apt are set as
>> libncurses5-dev
> this makes me wonder why make menuconfig doesn't tell you to install
> this particular package!  it's completely non-intuitive ...

Perhaps because the Debian kernel maintainer is leery of modifying the
upstream kernel's Makefile?  You could file a wishlist bug against the
'kernel' package (I think that's the right one).

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