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Debian lilo won't boot Redhat

I got a system with Red Hat 9 preinstalled, booting with lilo.  After
making some space, I installed Debian (testing) on it.  I thought it
would be good to preserve the ability to boot into RH, so I mounted its
partitions under /red in linux, and modified its lilo.conf to use these
new paths.  (That is, I created /etc/lilo.conf under Debian based on the
lilo conf from RH).

Surprisingly, I find I'm unable to start RH doing this.  I get 
Kernel panic: No init found.  Try passing init= option to the kernel
(it is already getting that option).

On the other hand, if I chroot to /red and run lilo -b /dev/fd0, I get
something I can boot off.

The most obvious difference between the two is that they use a different
install= option (must be the same for all files in lilo.conf).  Of
course, lilo and the supporting programs are different too.  I have not
touched the initrd images RH generated.

This behavior surprises me; does anyone have any ideas why it's not
working better?
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