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Re: crashtastic x & this odd --MARK-- filler

On Wed, 26 Jun 2003, i'll teach you to turn away. wrote:

> 	hi! thanks for your effort. i've two minor problems here.
> 	ok. so this is the first time i've run x - i've been strictly
> commandline up until now. i thusfar have only used it for gimp,
> crazy-addictive evil tangrams, & mozilla, & i anticipate this being the
> case forever. long live CLI! it's a p3-600 running debian 3.0r1, kernel
> 2.4.18; i'll be happy to give any other information required, including my
> cup size. har!
> 	anyhow, x is oddly crashy & i do not know why. if i'm logged in &
> using x, it's fine. if i'm logged in & i switch ttys away from it for more
> than five or ten minutes, it gives my syslog:
>       gdm_slave_xioerror_handler: Fatal X error - Restarting :0
>       input condition is: 0x10, exiting
> & restarts. if i'm logged in & i leave it idle for five or ten minutes, it
> restarts. if i do not log in, but come back to it five or ten minutes after
> it's been sitting there, it restarts before letting me log in.
> 	i wonder if it's trying to go to a screen saver or something which
> it isn't finding. i know too little about how x works, & thus haven't been
> able to find information in my extensive .doc, howto, & groups.google
> searchings.
> 	second issue: i have NO idea if this is related, but it'd be swell
> if someone could tell me what this "-- MARK --" crap in my messages log
> is, & how i can make my new box stop doing it at :10, :30 & :50 on the
> hour. there's nothing in crontab.
> 	thanks, cats. you each deserve oral sex.
> lish
> crank@got.net

For your second problem, edit /etc/init.d/sysklogd and on about line 14
there should be a line which looks like:


change to

SYSLOGD=" -m 0"

That will disable "mark" for ya.  Its a timestamp in case your system
crashes you will know what time it crashed.

Arthur H. Johnson II, arthur@usol.com
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