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Re: Laptop tape backups

On Sun, 22 Jun 2003, Jeffrey L. Taylor wrote:

> The early 30GB Onstream required special, proprietary drivers.  The
> later ones worked much better on Linux because the standard drivers
> worked.

I was using it under NT, and crashing the fileserver anytime i went to do
a backup.

> > Also, be wary of the Traven drives, I've replaced some of warranty
> > replacements of warranty replacements.  They're fine for about a year and
> > then break.
> >
> I have a Seagate STT20000A Travan drive that has been doing daily
> backups for four years.

Better luck than I'm having, we've gone through about..  maybe 20-25
of them in the last couple years, out of an initial purchase of around 12.
Seem to get about 3 years out of the dat drives, and those were DDS3,
which is supposedly a lot less reliable than the DDS4's.

> > Look into DDS-4 drives, I believe the drives are around 600 apiece,
> > and a cheap scsi card.  Tapes are also MUCH cheaper, at about 10-15 dollars
> > apiece.  You could also get a DDS-3 for something like 350ish, and tapes
> > are about 7.
> >
> People keep recommending this combination.  I crunch the numbers and
> I'll have to keep it for over a decade before the cheaper media saves
> money.

Well, for a backup set at the office, TR5 would cost me around 500
dollars for tapes.  Doesn't take long for the DDS to make sense

It's all about how many backups you want, how often you make them.


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