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pcmcia and usb 2.0 and external hard disk


I use external usb hard disk with my Fujitsu-Siemens notebook with Crusoe

this hard disk work very fine with usb 1.1, also with ohci and without external
power. It run ounly with usb.

I wont use this with usb 2.0 too and for this I buy Cardbus wit two usb ports.

If I put this card to pcmcia slot then the ehci_hcd is OK loaded. if I wont
mount my hard disk I receive two results:

1. With kernel 2.4.20 or .21 come message that device not accepted a new
address ...

2. With kernel 2.5.70,71,72 come message "unknown file system, you must

Have you some ideas?

thank you.


Jan Buchal


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