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Re: Laptop tape backups

On Sat, 21 Jun 2003, Bill Wohler wrote:

> Still looking for a Linux-compatible 30-80 GB tape drive that is most
> likely going to be USB.
> Has anyone used the Seagate Travan TapeStor 40 (STT6401U2-R) or the
> OnStream USB 30 or ADR2.60usb? I haven't heard anything Linux about
> the former, but the OnStream USB 30 seems as if it should be
> supported, but am not sure about the ADR2.60usb. If you have any info
> about these drives, I would appreciate hearing about it.

Be wary of the Onstream units, at least the 30 gig unit, I had one years
ago, and Onstream was not interested in fixing the lockups.  As well,
some google searching will show you just what people think of their

Also, be wary of the Traven drives, I've replaced some of warranty
replacements of warranty replacements.  They're fine for about a year and
then break.

Look into DDS-4 drives, I believe the drives are around 600 apiece,
and a cheap scsi card.  Tapes are also MUCH cheaper, at about 10-15 dollars
apiece.  You could also get a DDS-3 for something like 350ish, and tapes
are about 7.

I know the tapes are small, but DLT drives are horribly expensive.

You could get an external enclosure(5.25"), and then a USB 2.0 to scsi
adapter.(usb 1.0 won't be able to keep up with the 2 meg a second datarate
of a dds at full stream)

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