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Re: Laptop tape backups

Thomas Krennwallner <djmaecki@ull.at> writes:

>> What do you use to back up your laptop?
> I use a network backup solution: amanda. See http://www.amanda.org/ and
> http://packages.debian.org/stable/utils/amanda-server.html for further
> details.

Amanda is great if you have lots and lots of machines and a single
HUGE tape drive. However, I have a single laptop and no tape drive.

Still looking for a Linux-compatible 30-80 GB tape drive that is most
likely going to be USB.

Has anyone used the Seagate Travan TapeStor 40 (STT6401U2-R) or the
OnStream USB 30 or ADR2.60usb? I haven't heard anything Linux about
the former, but the OnStream USB 30 seems as if it should be
supported, but am not sure about the ADR2.60usb. If you have any info
about these drives, I would appreciate hearing about it.

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