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Laptop tape backups

I sold my PC with a SCSI card and Exabyte tape backup (14 GB). Now
that I have this laptop, I'm ready to start backing it up.

What do you use to back up your laptop?

One can stick PCMCIA cards, serial cables, USB 2.0 cables, network
cables, and IBM UltraBay cartridges into my IBM ThinkPad T40p.
Obviously, SCSI isn't on that list. Hmmm, unless there is a SCSI
PCMCIA card, but then I already sold my SCSI tape drive.

I do want to stick with tapes for various reasons.

I'm thinking something like a USB tape drive with a 40-80 GB capacity
such as like Seagate's Travan based models:


What is compatible with Linux?

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