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Re: debian

On Sat, 2003-06-21 at 09:45, Paul Johnson wrote:
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> On Fri, Jun 20, 2003 at 02:16:00PM -0400, Bijan Soleymani wrote:
> > But the first week I spent staring at a bash prompt was different. I
> > might have enjoyed it because I'm a geek, but I'm sure some people
> > get fed up at some point.
> And Debian is not for those people, then.  And to a lesser extent,
> computers in general.  This is a major pet peeve of mine, and one that
> only got aggrivated working tech support:  Computers are complex
> machines designed to do complex tasks.  Thus, there's a learning
> curve.  The sharpness of this curve is inversely proportional to the
> usefulness of the software.  Useful or droolproof:  Pick *one*.

My mother needs to access her email. I installled Debian on the
computer. She has no problems using Debian. However, I had to do the
install because she has no clue about settings in XFree86. With knoppix
she just has to press the power button and she gets logged into KDE.

> > Hardware detection on one architecture shouldn't hurt another
> > architecture. There are many autodetection tools that are already in
> > Debian.
> So install those and don't futz around during the install doing it by
> hand.
My point was that many of those tools aren't useful on all
architectures, but that's not a problem. We shouldn't take the least
common denominator.

> > > What is the reason that you don't underestand that Debian is free 
> > > software project, so if you are unhappy with something, you can get 
> > > invlved and help it ?
> > Not everyone is a computer programmer. 
> Hire one, then.
> http://debian.org/consultants/
I'd be willing to contribute say $1000. However that probably won't
get much useful work done (that's maybe a week's salary, less for an
expert). It would be nice if there was a fund setup so even contribution
of less than say $25k could make a difference.

> > I've installed Debian GNU/Hurd. It's really not that difficult.
> Unless you have a mouse.  Or want to run X.  8:o)  Hurd is a work in
> progress by anybody's terms.
I got X to work. It wasn't so tough (I can even run the gimp). You just
have to remember to mount your mouse :)
the command is something like
settrans /dev/mouse IMPS/2 /dev/psaux
and you tell X to use /dev/mouse and osmouse.


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