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Re: Do DVD-drives support booting?

On Fri, 2003-06-20 at 18:12, alberto wrote:
> Hi folks, 
> I thought they would, but I purchased a second-hand laptop VERSA SXi 
> with a DVD drive who won't boot my Woody disks (nor any other) 
> BIOS is OK, and the drive itself, also. 
> Have you got any idea what may be wrong, if there IS anyting wrong 
> with that? 
> Actually, I would like to have an answer to that, first: Is it 
> possible that DVD-drives won't support booting from CD? 

Any (IDE) combination DVD/CD drive should boot from "bootable" CDs.

Could it be that the DVD drive is old enough that it is *not*
a combination DVD/CD drive, but strictly DVD?

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