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Sarge install onto nFarce2 board with x 2 DDR400 sticks doable?


I am having a very unfun time trying to get Tux onto my new kit.

Xandros, Debian Woody & Mandrake 9.1 will not install with two sticks of ram in my NF7 board :-(

Do the Debian Sarge weekly builds have the latest kernels, that have nFarce2 (I am not ammused that Nvidia have made it hard for non-Borg OS & non- nVidia graphcs card users & this long after the dam chip set came out....), ide +agp support?

If I take out one stick, then I can get the OS on, but not stable.

Any tips, tricks or links please?


Greek Geek  :-)

Let me meddle not in the affairs of Linuxen. For I am an idiot and will toast my boxen. --Joseph A Nagy Jr

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