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Re: debian

On Friday 20 June 2003 05:17, Yap Seng Hooi wrote:
> I agree, I like Debian too.  I've installed Mandrake few months ago
> and installation was a breeze compared to Debian.

Oh yeah, Mandrake's installer is really excelletnt. I installed 9.1 a 
while back, and the partitoner (DrakX) really messend all my hard 

It seems those guys at mandrake have not yet learned that there is 
something called gemotry in disks, and their partitioning tool, does 
not align the partition in a logical order, in a nutshell it ruins your 
hard disk. If you want to align your partitions , you have to wipe your 
hard disk.

The result is that tools such as GNU Parted which are picky about 
aligned partitiones now do not work with my hard disk, and thus for 
example I have been unable to install Libranet.

I would rather have something which is powerfull, and works(TM) rather 
that something which looks nice, but doesn't work, and ruins your data. 
Debian is a perfect example of the first one.

Just my $0.02

/* You can always count on Americans to do the 
right thing; - after they've tried everything else.
 			 Winston Churchill */
Aryan Ameri

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