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Re: Gzip problems

Larry writes:

> I gzipped a bunch of files for easier transport to
> another machine.  Both machines running Woody.
> When I gunzip them, they have some binary info on both
> ends of the file, with the original content inbetween.
> Is there some way to unzip them that will get rid of
> this header/footer information put there by gzip?
> Incidentally, how did it get there?

I was not able to re-produce this error.

If there is some kind of standard trait in each of the deformed files
(always 512 bytes on top, 16 on bottom), then you can always write
some kind of code to correct the documents.

It sounds like its some kind of wrapper around the documents, possibly
containing the name of the file, its size, checksum, etc, something
that tar does. Did you use tar at all?

Try the command 'file' on one of your uncompressed with header and
trailer documents. Does it say anything weird? Have you examined the
data with 'hexedit'? Is there a small text-string like "TAR4" or
"RIFF2" in it?


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