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Re: Kernel version 2.4

Hi Remon,

> Can anyone think of a solution? (I'm not familiar with recompiling
> kernels etc....)

Learn how to compile and deploy your own kernel.

I've made a habit of making that the second thing I do on a newly
installed box. Configuring sudo being #1.

It's not hard and well documented. Plus, the machine becoming a
firewall, you don't really want the extra baggage a generic kernel
brings with it. A generic kernel, of course, has to support most regular
hardware as it's for general purpose. Most people don't run 'general
purpose' Linux boxen, I guess.

Why would you want USB, audio, SCSI and/or AGP support if it's just a
simple IDE machine with two NICs? [I'm not saying it is, just trying to
make a point; I don't have a clue about that RAID controller you're
talking about]

Plus, you learn. Again.

HTH and good luck... Nico

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