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Re: Big Sister, network monitor.....

On Wed, Jun 18, 2003 at 09:37:34AM +0100, Max Lock wrote:
>  Hi folks,
>  I'm trying to get `big sister' working on Debian stable.
>  I've aliened the RPM's to .deb's and installed OK, but now I'm having problems creating a display_map.cfg that works. All the images referenced are there and have read permissions.
>  display_map.cfg:
> template        /var/lib/bigsister/www/westberksmap.gif
> red             /var/lib/bigsister/www/skins/static_lamps/red.gif
> yellow          /var/lib/bigsister/www/skins/static_lamps/yellow.gif
> green           /var/lib/bigsister/www/skins/static_lamps/green.gif
> purple          /var/lib/bigsister/www/skins/static_lamps/purple.gif
> at              10,10   HUNGERFORD
> dump            /var/lib/bigsister/www/map.gif
>  Has anyone got big sister working on Debian in this way? are the paths that big sister expects somehow mangled?

I used to have big sister working on stable, but I didn't mess with the
rpm to deb method. I just installed it fresh and everything worked
without a problem...

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