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Whither logwatch? Or equivalent?

Whither logwatch?

In the past on RH systems I have used logwatch to summarize
interesting logfile events and mail them to the admin.  Recently I
have not used anything.  Just yesterday a friend, that I have
convinced to try Debian, asked about logwatch.  I would like to give
him a good answer.

Of course I 'apt-cache search'ed for logwatch and logfile and found
several other examples of packages which do logfile analysis.  But I
was surprised that logwatch itself was not among the list.  Does
anyone have a .deb of it?

Since it is obviously not favored among Debian users or it would be
more readily available it leads me to ask what are the favored log
watch utilities?  I can certainly walk through the list of available
ones.  But here I would like to learn from your experiences and hear
your recommendations.


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