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Re: Whither logwatch? Or equivalent?

[20030618] Bob Proulx (bob@proulx.com) wrote:

> Whither logwatch?
> In the past on RH systems I have used logwatch to summarize
> interesting logfile events and mail them to the admin.  Recently I
> have not used anything.  Just yesterday a friend, that I have
> convinced to try Debian, asked about logwatch.  I would like to give
> him a good answer.
> Of course I 'apt-cache search'ed for logwatch and logfile and found
> several other examples of packages which do logfile analysis.  But I
> was surprised that logwatch itself was not among the list.  Does
> anyone have a .deb of it?
> Since it is obviously not favored among Debian users or it would be
> more readily available it leads me to ask what are the favored log
> watch utilities?  I can certainly walk through the list of available
> ones.  But here I would like to learn from your experiences and hear
> your recommendations.

Try metalog or syslog-ng instead of syslogd/klogd. Both have
that feature you want integrated (among other nice stuff of 
course). I personally prefer metalog since it has great 
performance & is easier to configure.

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