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wired aptitude behaviour with whiptail and libnewt0.51 (latest unstable)

I just run apt-get update on the latest unstable, and then run 

Here is what I get after g:

--\ Packages being removed because they are no longer used
idA libnewt0.51                                                      <N/A>   127kB         0.51.4-8       0.51.4-10
--\ Packages being deleted due to unsatisfied dependencies
idA whiptail                                                         <N/A>   81.9kB        0.51.4-8       0.51.4-10

It want's to remove whiptail because of libnewt0.51 (UNSATISFIED), and 
it want's to remove libnewt0.51 because it is unused.

I'm notreally sure if or to what is this a bug, so I post it here 
instead of reportbug'ing it.

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