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Re: In woody wdm garbles list of window managers, shows only a few

> There is a bug in woody's wdm that artificially limits the number of
> windowmanagers it will display.  This was fixed by upstream version
> 1.22, so the version in sid and sarge does not have this limitation.
> You could change the woody version locally and recompile it.  That
> might be easier than backporting the sid version, but maybe not.  The
> code you care about is in src/Login.c.  Look for WmStr.
> noah
> (wdm maintainer)

May be not .... You may be right, my knowledge of C is not that great. I am hoping here at having to make minor changes in the code.
I found the line

static char *WmStr[17]	   = {WmNoChange,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL};

where the variable is defined. Now, it seems to me that the garbled output begun before the 12th window manager, or even before the 13th (17-4=13, guessing the use of NULLs), so I am not sure about what to do next.
Assuming the needed change is just to write, say, 100 instead of 17. Then what, should I follow the instructions given in



Thanks to all, and special thanks to Noah.

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