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Re: Switching from Mutt to Evoultion

>>>>> "Brad" == Brad Cramer <bcramer@callahanfuneralhome.com> writes:

Brad> I am switching from Mutt to Evolution (because I am using Outlook at
Brad> work and want to try and keeps things the same) Anyway I am not really
Brad> sure how to set some things up. I have a mail server running on my home
Brad> network which handles fetching my mail and also sending. I then have my
Brad> box that I am running Evolution on that runs fetchmail as a daemon to
Brad> collect mail from home mail server. Before I used procmail and mutt sort
Brad> mail ( I subscribe to several mailing lists and really like the way that
Brad> setup worked from within Mutt) But I am not really sure how to set up
Brad> something similar in Evolution, so I get my personal mail from work and
Brad> home into my Inbox and mailing lists mail sorted and put into the
Brad> various folders.
Brad> Would someone like to provide me with some pointers and sites that can
Brad> help me with this transition.

	 I recently (within the last week) made the same switch, not
	 because I had to use outlook, but because I needed to add
	 imap to the network, for our new road-warriors.

	 Anyway: the curent setup:
	 - Mail is still filtered (to files in ~/mail or ~/nsmail,
	   depending on user pref) by procmail

         - I created an imap account in evolution. 
	   Using this account, I subscribed to a number of folders,
	   the files in which the mail is filtered. 

           That's all there was to it, as far as I remember.

        One minor problem: with the 'send/receive' option, all of my
        mail arrives in a seperate folder. (Evolution 1.0.5) There is
        a pop box on a remote server involved that I'd like to be
        filtered to a seperate folder. Haven't yet figured out a way
        to do this, but I think that's where evolutions own folders
        come in.. (Or I could kludge up something using fetchmail..)

	TimT. (Apologies for the appended disclaimer. I have no
	control over it.)

Brad> Thanks
Brad> Brad

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