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Re: Postgresql: pg_dumpall

On Sun, 2003-06-15 at 15:12, ch@basis.dhs.org wrote:

> I use Postgresql 7.2.1-2woody2 which is currently included in the Woody
> distribution.
> I tried to use /usr/lib/postgresql/dumpall/pg_dumpall, but it doesnt work at
> all.

That program is copied from the previous installed version in order to
automate the upgrade procedure.  Once you have successfully upgraded,
all the contents of /usr/lib/postgresql/dumpall/ can be deleted.

> Is the pg_dumpall, which is bundled with Woody broken or why
> doesnt it work? Wrong Version?

You need to use /usr/lib/postgresql/bin/pg_dumpall.  If you log in (or
su -) as postgres, this should be in your path.

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