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Switching from Mutt to Evoultion

I am switching from Mutt to Evolution (because I am using Outlook at
work and want to try and keeps things the same) Anyway I am not really
sure how to set some things up. I have a mail server running on my home
network which handles fetching my mail and also sending. I then have my
box that I am running Evolution on that runs fetchmail as a daemon to
collect mail from home mail server. Before I used procmail and mutt sort
mail ( I subscribe to several mailing lists and really like the way that
setup worked from within Mutt) But I am not really sure how to set up
something similar in Evolution, so I get my personal mail from work and
home into my Inbox and mailing lists mail sorted and put into the
various folders.
Would someone like to provide me with some pointers and sites that can
help me with this transition.

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