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Re: Audio CD questions

On Wednesday June 18, 2003 at 02:20
Roberto Sanchez <rcsanchez97@yahoo.es> wrote:

> Greetings list,
> Today, for the first time, I popped an audio CD in my laptop with the
> intention of listening to it (the CD player portion of my stero broke
> during my last move).  I was very unhappy when gnome-cd and xmms both
> choked on it.  It's an older CD so I can't imagine it is DRM'd, but
> nonetheless I would still like to play it (and a few others) on my
> computer.  I did an apt-get cdda2wav and messed around with that some
> until I managed to get some tracks on the harddrive where I could play
> them with xmms, but I have a couple of problems. 1) I would like a
> GUI-type tool to facilitate putting the audio on my harddrive and 2) I
> can't figure out how to tell cdda2wav to make each track into 
You need the xmms-cdread package, then you need to enable the plugin in
xmms preferences. Also, make sure cd-audio isnt muted (apt-get install
aumix-gtk) and that the cable is connected.

Grip is my favorite ripper, and ive tried danmn near everyone in the
debian package system.

You need an encoder, like lame http://lame.freshmeat.com (i think thats
the url) to encode mp3s. Grip comes with an ogg encoder.

I prefer mp3s, but thats all it is, a preferance. I encode at 192
(again, preference)
-johann koenig
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