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[I reply to the list and to you personally. Please note that usually
replying personally is considered a violation of Debian mailing list
rules, since most people don't want to get mails twice. But you sound
newbie enough for me to make sure you get the mail :) ] 

On Tue, 2003-06-17 at 18:50, Alexandre Passito wrote:

> Kernel Panic
> Attempted to kill the idle tesk
> In interrupt handler-not syncing 

Maybe this post to the portuguese debian users lists help

In general: it seems like a hard to debug problem. Probably either
faulty hardware or some combination of faulty driver and specific 
hardware. If you search for "Attempted to kill the idle task" (note:
"task", not "tesk") on Google, you'll see that it comes up in a lot of
different contexts: faulty RAM, development kernels, lots of different
hardware. If I were you, I'd try to install a 2.4.21 kernel and see if
it goes away. Maybe some driver has been fixed (and there were lots of
fixes in 2.4.21, some of my own pc's problems went away). If not, see if
you can find info on your specific laptop model via Google or
http://www.linux-laptop.net/ . Also, try to find out which hardware
/exactly/ your laptop contains (contact your vendor or something) and
try to find out if there's a known problem with a component. And tell
the list which hardware you use, maybe someone can help.

But these solutions are all hard things to do for a newbie. So maybe
your best bet at the moment is to try to find someone near you who has
good linux experience (maybe there is a Linux User Group near where you
live). Also, you can try to install another Distribution, as most of
them have newer software than woody. Try RedHat or Mandrake, or if you
want to stay on the Debian path, try Libranet (commercial Debian variant
with much newer software) or Knoppix (Debian variant, also with newer
software. It runs from CD, so you can try it out without having to erase
your current install)

Good luck

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