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Re: Writing on Windows partition

Kent West wrote:
Piero wrote:

How can I properly write on my Windows partition without logging as root?

I tried to create a group on purpose for this, and change group ownersip of this partition from the root group to this new group, but this operation was doomed illegitimate. May be it is possible to overcome this impossibility, may be there are better solutions.

If it's an NTFS partition, you don't want to write to it (experimental support; bad things can happen). If it's VFAT/FAT16/FAT32, that's okay.

In such a case, you need to feed the UID or GID option to the mount command, something like:

 sudo mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/Winders -o gid=winusers

assuming "winusers" is the name of your group you've created.

Is it possible to put the option gid=winusers in /etc/fstab ? I couldn't figure out from man.

Thanks - Piero.

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