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whereami locations


when i reboot whereami doesnt add the lines with a leading '+' to the
whereiam.sh script that is run. this makes me think that there is some
confusion (with me or whereami) with regard to the location (ie.
LOCATION and LASTLOCN). i dont want to change these lines to have a
leading '=' (which makes it sort of work), the reason being for example
mounting and unmounting remote drives.

thanks for the help.

the following is my detect.conf, whereami.conf, and whereiam.sh

#start of detect.conf
testmii eth0 lan
if lan
        set INTERFACE eth0
        testping, home
        testdhcp '*.*.*.*' dhcp
#end of detect.conf

#start of whereami.conf
+home ifconfig eth0 netmask broadcast address >/dev/null 2>&1
+home route add default gw
+home setresolver search dul.mn.charter.com nameserver
+home mount /usr/share/media/audio/archive
-home umount /usr/share/media/audio/archive
#end of whereami.conf

#start of whereiam.sh
[ "$DEBUGWHEREAMI" = "1" ] && set -o xtrace
LASTLOCN=up,home,eth0,lan; export LASTLOCN
LOCATION=home,lan; export LOCATION
#end of whereiam.sh

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