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Re: Questions re kernel

Thanks to those who helped, I've replied to them individually off-list so as 
not to be too repetitious.

Briefly - 
> mount -t umsdos /dev/hdc1 /mnt/dosC
> gives
> mount: fs type umsdos not supported by kernel

... and of course I should have been using  'msdos'  not 'umsdos' 

> Secondly, I'm having to boot off the boot floppy (which takes forever) - I
> had this same problem with RH7.2, eventually fixed by installing GRUB.  I
> presume GRUB will work with Debian?

Apparently it does, I'll be trying it.   Thanks all for the information.

(The specific problem with booting off the hard disk, btw, was that (in 
Debian)  I just get   LI  99  99  99  .....    on the screen, with RedHat I 
just got   LI  or   GR  (depending which I selected at install time) and then 
it hung.    Installing GRUB myself fixed it.)


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