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Re: ssh or VPN

On Mon, Jun 02, 2003 at 11:38:58AM -0400, Vivek Kumar wrote:
> We are trying to give either vpn or ssh access to all the
> remote users..  I am more comfortable with ssh but others say
> VPN so one quick question which one is more secure or better -
> VPN or ssh ?

as i understand it, ssh is an encrypted shell prompt on a remote
machine, where vpn is a wormhole that connects a node (or nodes)
way over There, to a lan over Here, as if it's right in the next
room. ssh can give you some of that functionality (x forwarding
and so forth) as well.


maybe i'm working on something similar to what you're facing.

i've been fencing with exim-tls and am at the cusp of
surrendering. i hear that i could use a vpn to allow my emailers
to connect securely and send/receive email that way, without
having to wrestle exim to do the tls that's supposed to be so

this task would fall into the area your general comments
describe. maybe we're both working on a similar problem...

i'm wondering what's necessary to get a windo~1 client or two to
connect to a debian VPN securely for encrypted email trafficking.
i know ipsec and freeswan (among others) do vpn, but i don't know
how they dovetail with windo~1 clients.

what's the secret google search phrase? or a web-link to browse?

I use Debian/GNU Linux version 3.0-bunk-1;
Linux server 2.4.20-k6 #1 Mon Jan 13 23:49:14 EST 2003 i586 unknown
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