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Re: exim-tls or VPN

* Will Trillich (will@serensoft.com) [030615 22:14]:
> i've been fencing with exim-tls and am at the cusp of
> surrendering. i hear that i could use a vpn to allow my emailers
> to connect securely and send/receive email that way, without
> having to wrestle exim to do the tls that's supposed to be so
> simple...

Hold it right there.  There's no way that setting up VPN clients
for all of your clients will be easier than setting up exim-tls.  I just
thought I'd warn you before you go pulling on the VPN rope that it's
much easier to hang yourself with that than with tls/smtp.

What problems have you faced trying to get exim-tls up and running?  I
can share my config if you need it.

good times,
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