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Re: rsyncing local mirror

* Keith O'Connell (kroc@blueyonder.co.uk) [030612 13:11]:
> Hi,
>         I have a 32Gb disk that I use to store non volatile files
>         I have a 32Gb disk that I mirror the first one to
>         This is done at 3am each morning as a cron job with 
>            rsync -Clart --delete /mnt/store/  /mnt/mirror
>         I then run;
>            du -bs /mnt/store  /mnt/mirror
>         Now, I expect the output to be the same for each disk as they
>         are now synched, but I dont. On the last occassion I got;
>            29521877376      /mnt/store
>            29510119424      /mnt/mirror
>         Why are they not the same?

Different filesystem types?  Different block sizes?  It's quite strange
that they differ by so much (11MiB).  It seems more like something was
omitted.  Maybe you should try du without the -s, to try to figure out
where they differ more precisely.  You could also compare the output of
ls -lR.

good times,
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