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Re: OT mozilla filter to keep my debian mail list organized

What I ended up doing was just filtering based on contents. If an email has "debian-user-request@lists.debian.org" in it then it goes to my debian list folder under my main mailbox. This works fine, so far. Thanks for the help.

Colin Watson wrote:

On Thu, Jun 12, 2003 at 02:50:49PM +0300, Aryan Ameri wrote:
On Thursday 12 June 2003 02:22, Jeff Ali wrote:
Can someone tell me how to set up a simple filter in mozilla so that
all the mail I receive from debian-users list gets put in a folder. I was going to set up the filter based on from or subject but i don't
see anything to base it on.  Any ideas?
Haven't used Mozilla. But in KMail, I setup a filter based on TO, and it pretty much filters 99.99% of the mails, and puts them into a specific folder. You should setup your email program, to filter mails, which are addressed to the followings:


There are probably others. But these 4 are the most used ones.

Don't filter on To:/Cc: if you can possibly avoid it; it's unreliable.
Use X-Mailing-List: instead. (If your filtering program doesn't support
filtering on arbitrary headers, complain to its authors.)


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