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Beginers guide to spamassain ?

I've been usi8ng the Spambouncer procmail recepies for several years now, on several different

Curently I'm using a Debian "testting" machien to fetch my mail from various places using
fetchmai, and then invoking prcmail. 

Looks like the maintainer of the Spambouncer rules is falling a bit behind the stae of the art
of spammers, as I'm getting a fair number of spam emails into my primary mailbox each day.

I'm thinking that prehaps spamassain will do better. Any opinions on this?

And can someone point me to a HOWTO on seting up spamassain, on a Debian machine?

What maintenenace will I need to don on a regualr bassis, if I go this way?

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neither liberty nor safety."
						-- Benjamin Franklin

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