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Re: Beginers guide to spamassain ?

I just set up spamassassin in my machine, using it with Kmail.

1) apt-get install spamassassin
2) Create 2 filters in KMail (I got this looking for it in the net, do not 
remember where)
        2.A) First kmail filter
                Filter criteria "<size> <is less than> 250000" 
                Filter Action is "<pipe through> spamassassin" or "<pipe 
spamc" (which needs the spamd daemon running    but is much faster). The 
command spamassassin had to be called with the parameters "-P -F 0" in 
versions prior to 2.40; these options are now obsolete and produce warnings 
(current ver is 2.53).
                Advanced Options, uncheck the "If this filter matches, stop                                     
processing here" box. If you keep this filter at the top, it will analyze all 
incoming mail, decide whether it's spam or not, and flag it accordingly.
        2.B) Second filter behind it
                Looks for "X-Spam-Flag equals YES" and diverts them into a 
specific folder 
called "Probably Spam" (still testing, don't want to delete any         false 
positives by mistake); goodbye to all spam.

3) Teach Spamassassin like this: Put your Spam in one folder, and your good 
mail (HAM) in another, and do this:
                        sa-learn -spam -dir /home/Marino/Mail/Spam/cur
                        sa-learn -ham -dir /home/Marino/Mail/inbox/cur
Make sure that all the spam is spam, and that all the ham is ham.

Read the man pages and perldoc Mail::SpamAssassin::Conf

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