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Re: Converting OE6 .dbx folders -dbx2mbox

On 5 Jun 2003 "SRIKANTH NS" <nssrikanth@hotmail.com> wrote:

> I use OE6 with OE-Quote fix in win98 and I use sylpheed under Linux. I
> have a  voluminous mail box folder under OE which I would like to conver
> to standard mbox format which can be read by sylpheed so that I need not
> go back to OE for email.

> I searched for a utility and found dbx2mbox-0.3.0. I downloaded  the
> source and installed it. I copied one of my OE6 folders and ran ./dbx2mbox
> on it. It ran alright but I do not know where it has placed the converted
> mbox file to be read in sylpheed.

Without knowing anything about dbx2mbox: are you sure that your command was
to produce a file? If you say "It ran alright", do you mean you saw output
scrolling fast over your screen? In that case, it could be that dbx2mbox
sends the results of the conversion to standard output by default, and if
you want it in a file you have to redirect standard output to that file.

On the other hand, if dbx2mbox accepts the name of an output file as
argument, you can make sure that you can find that file afterwards by
specifying it as a full pathname, that is as something like



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