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Re: Laptop Pcmcia question -- follow up question

On 5 Jun 2003 Larry <doccpu@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Yes, I do have pcmcia-cs installed.  The cardmgr I see is loaded at boot. 
> But when, for example, I run cardinfo, I get an idcation of no card, even
> if I've put a flashdisk or ethernet card in.
> Perhaps I need to load a driver for whatever card I insert, ....

Of course.

> .... though I thought that's what cardmgr did.

Indeed, IF it can find the driver.

'man cardmgr' tells us:
"When a card is inserted, cardmgr looks up the card in a database of known
cards. If the card can be identified, appropriate device drivers will be
loaded and bound to the card".

The 'database of known cards' is the file
I think you must search that file for cards you insert, and check if the
drivers mentioned in their 'bind' instructions are present in

If they are and your pcmcia cards nevertheless do not work, I am stuck.
Otherwise, I believe that you have to get the package
Use it to compile a package called
after configuring pcmcia-source to produce all the driver modules you may
possibly want to use. Finally install your
package and your pcmcia subsystem should be ok.



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