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Re: unable to compile a kernel

also sprach Paul <gabaod@yahoo.com> [2003.06.05.1808 +0200]:
> so I first off would do a   "make mrproper"  to
> reupdate the compilation so it knows how your system
> is setup since youve recently changed it

This, unfortunately, did not help.

also sprach .waffle <BFG@amigascne.org> [2003.06.05.1828 +0200]:
> set your environment variable CC to gcc-3.2 (make sure 3.2 is
> installed first!) Debian gcc-3.3 has compat issues with the linux
> kernel... I find it best to alter the Makefile, but some prefer
> just setting the variable.

Even though the kernel apparently cannot be built with 3.x, I tried
it as you suggested. It got further than before, but now it can't
build the (debian stock) lm-sensors-source modules:

kernel/busses/i2c-ali1535.c:675:6: missing terminating " character
kernel/busses/i2c-ali1535.c:676:89: missing terminating " character
kernel/busses/i2c-ali1535.c:691:1: unterminated argument list invoking macro "MODULE_AUTHOR"

where the lines look like:

675:    ("Frodo Looijaard <frodol@dds.nl>, Philip Edelbrock <phil@netroedge.com>,
676:      Mark D. Studebaker <mdsxyz123@yahoo.com> and Dan Eaton <dan.eaton@rocketlogix.com>");
677: MODULE_DESCRIPTION("ALI1535 SMBus driver");


691: EOF

This is so weird since it always worked, and since I just don't
think I should be dealing with compiler errors to build kernel
modules as distributed in Debian.

> BTW, that newsgroup is moderated, and none of my posts show up...
> Any ideas how I can get them to show up?

send them to debian-user@lists.debian.org instead.

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